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No Good Mornings CD


Image of No Good Mornings CD

Limited run of 20; Digipak CDs.

Track listing:
1 - Station Hotel
2 - Office Hours
3 - Waterworks
4 - Michigan

For a project accidentally named after a Veronica Mars character, Parker Lee leaves nothing to the imagination. In fact, the central mysteries hidden in No Good Mornings, the York outfit's second EP, are quick and honest. Vocalist/guitarist Jowan Mead broke his wrist while recording the EP, extending the process from weeks to months, a far cry from its scribbling solo project origins.

Mead is also quick to disclose his idiosyncrasies - slyly confessing "I'm a proponent for being loose" and "a disaster, a broken fuse" on opener "Station Hotel." The rest of the band - bassist Mike Gardner, Daniel Johnson on drums and vocals, and late addition Ben Woods on guitar - rounds out the couch trip while demons hop from city to city, from Bristol to Boston on "Office Hours" and a café in Atlanta on "Waterworks." Parker Lee yearns to not be landlocked on this release, their raw production values (courtesy of Yvette Pyke and Harry Volker) unleashed past the closed doors where the songs got their start in 2016. And while Parker Lee may not find solace in the morning, there's hope in the aftermath: a combination of harsh lights and tones accompanying this latest set of revelations.

- James Cassar